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Singapore Christian Funeral Package

Singapore Funeral Packages for Singapore Christian

During the Middle Ages, within monastic orders, this practice was observed as a means to fulfill religious obligations and was deemed advantageous. The arrangement of having successive groups of monks ensured continuous prayer for the deceased, ensuring the body was never unattended.

3 Days Christian Funeral Package: $6000 (Inclusive of GST)

5 Days Christian Funeral Package: $7000 (Inclusive of GST)

Our Buddhist Funeral package include the following items:

  • One Half Glass Premium Wood Casket.
  • Collecting The Body Of Decease From Mortuary/Home.
  • Embalming & Dressing For The Deceased.
  • Sending The Deceased To The Place Of Wake After Embalming.
  • Photograph Enlargement. ( With 6 Passport size )
  • Floral Wreaths. ( 1 Flower Wreaths For Photo, 1 flowers Top Infront Of The Casket )
  • Tentage Setup, 10 Round tables, 15 Square Tables & 100 Chairs.
  • Ceiling Fans, Standing Fans, General Lighting & Wiring.
  • Christian Backdrop & Setup.
  • 45 Seater Bus On Funeral Day.
  • Glass Hearse On Funeral Day.
  • Cremation Fee At Mandai Crematorium.
  • Ash Collection Services.
  • Mobile Toilet.
  • Chiller 


  • Drinks & Snack
  • White Shirt For Family Member Without Any Charges.
  • Buffet Catering Min 30 pax ($15/per pax)
Our Christian Funeral Package All The General Need For a Funeral Wake.
Our Christian Funeral Package Have No Hidden Cost.